June Bearing Strawberry Plants – Bare Root


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Plant them now and have berries June/July 2022 (13-14 months)

Plant them in rows spaced 3.5 feet apart and 18 inches between the plants within the row. They will runner this summer to fill in the row with daughter plants for a full row to be harvested next year.

As they grow runners should be guided to form a row 12 to16 inches wide.

All blossom should be clipped off this year to allow the plants to get established.

Cover with straw in mid to late November after a few good frosts when plants are dormant and uncover in April before the plants start to grow leaving the straw around the plants to keep your berries clean.

Blossom in spring may require protection from frost on cold nights with a row cover (sheet or thin blanket should work).

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